Mid Suffolk District Council has apologised after around 1,000 polling cards were sent to the wrong electoral area for last week's elections - but said that the error was rectified in good time and caused no issues for people voting.

Around 1,000 polling cards were sent by Mid Suffolk District Council to homes mistakenly placing them in the Stowmarket South ward, instead of Stowmarket north, for the Suffolk County Council elections on Thursday.

However Mid Suffolk Council - which is the election authority for the area - said the error was spotted in good time and corrected cards sent.

A spokeswoman said: "We can confirm that approximately 1,000 polling cards issued in the Stowmarket area had to be reissued because they included the wrong electoral area.

"All other information on the card was correct. The mistake was spotted quickly and correct cards reissued in good time. The error did not affect anyone’s right or ability to cast their vote.

"The cards containing the error were a very small proportion of the 150,000 polling cards we issued, with over 80,000 in Mid Suffolk.

"However we apologise for any inconvenience caused and will be addressing how the error occurred following the election.

"In the meantime, our teams are working hard to accommodate the additional challenges presented by running an election during a pandemic and ensuring everyone can safely take part."