Mid Suffolk District Council has responded to concerns around accessibility to the Duck and Teapot café in Needham Market.

The café and visitor centre, at Needham Lake, opened its doors in May.

Comments circulating on social media in the last few days have voiced concern over access to the café when using a wheelchair and pushchair.

Issues around access from the car parks, terrain around the paths and the incline of the bridge connecting one of the car parks to the lakeside were all raised.

People were also worried about how the access points may deal with the winter months ahead.

A spokesperson for Mid Suffolk District Council said: “We are always keen to listen to feedback about how we can further improve our facilities – and want everyone to be able to enjoy Needham Lake and the Duck & Teapot.

"That’s why we invested in the Changing Places facilities and consulted with the Mid Suffolk Disability Forum to ensure the building was fit for purpose.

"The capital programme did not include revisiting existing pathways across the site, but we continue to review where improvements can be made as funding allows.”

A spokesperson for the Mid Suffolk Disability Forum - who work closely with Mid Suffolk District Council on their projects - said: “We continue to work with Mid Suffolk District Council to ensure projects are fully accessible for people with disabilities.

"It was never going to be easy to build in that location and ensure easy access from all parts of the site, but we believe the building is very good and the Changing Places facilities are excellent.

"There can always be further improvements and we will continue to offer our advice about surrounding pathways .

"However, Needham Lake continues to be one of the few places in Mid Suffolk with a hard, flat path all round the lake – and we appreciate Mid Suffolk District Council’s continuing efforts to ensure it can be enjoyed by everyone.”