New security measures in Claydon 'not justified at this point'

A missing girl from Ipswich has now been found. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Claydon and Whitton Parish Council will not be taking on a dedicated PCSO - Credit: Gregg Brown

A Suffolk village will not be adding further security measures after those living there felt no further improvements were needed. 

Claydon and Whitton Parish Council confirmed it will not be raising the council precept, which could have risen by an extras £55 a year if residents wanted to fund a new community police officer for the village. 

The discussions came in response to concerns from residents about low-level crime such as antisocial behaviour, speeding and illegal parking.

The suggested measures included employing a dedicated Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) through to a security company working 12 hours a week in the area. 

But following feedback, the parish council has decided additional security investment isn't currently justified. 

Cllr Steven Wells for Whitton Rural said: "Over the last year, Claydon and Whitton Parish Council has been contacted by residents raising concerns about crime.  

"The council engaged with Suffolk Police, who demonstrated that criminal activity was very low in our area but offered the opportunity to have an increased presence by the parish paying for a PCSO. 

"Other local parishes have also considered or actually purchased this service whilst others have used private security measures and services such as mobile patrols." 

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The council had set out the additional cost on taxpayers if measures were adopted and took the question to the community.

Cllr Wells continued: "The response level was low, which could indicate that there is a low level of concern about crime in the parish.  

"Of those that did respond, 18% of people were for investment into extra PCSO presence but 64% felt that there was no need for any extra measures.  

"The parish councillors agree unanimously with the majority of the responders that additional expenditure on security investment is not justified at this point."

Cllr Wells said members recognised crime and security can "fluctuate" and will continue to tackle it by working with police teams and neighbourhood watch groups.

He said: "Councillors would like to thank all those who took part and wish to reassure all that the comments made have been noted and will be used in future to assist the parish council, in partnership with the police, to actively target the persistent areas of concern raised such as speeding and anti-social behaviour."