Police crack down on Ipswich council house after reports of gang activity

Police stock image. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

The house near Wellington Street is owned by Ipswich Borough Council

A closure order has been imposed on an Ipswich council home after police received reports of gang-related activity and anti-social behaviour.

Magistrates have granted the order on the property near Wellington Street, which is owned by Ipswich Borough Council.

It means only the tenants and people authorised by the council will be allowed to enter the home for the next three months.

Alasdair Ross, Ipswich Borough Council portfolio holder for community protection, said: "We are taking action to curb anti-social behaviour here to make life better for people living nearby.

"It needs to be understood that those who make the lives of others worse by such selfish actions might also find the same sanctions applied against them."

A Suffolk police spokesman added: "Closure orders are used as a powerful tool where it has become apparent that the use of a property has resulted in disorderly, offensive or criminal behaviour, or where serious nuisance has been caused to members of the public.

"This may occur in premises associated with drug use or drug supply."