Who won your council ward in Ipswich?

Ipswich count 2022

Council chief executive and returning officer Russell Williams explains what is happening at the Ipswich count. - Credit: Paul Geater

Labour has retained its grip on Ipswich Borough Council winning two seats from the Conservatives to consolidate the strong position it made in the 2018 election.

The Tories had a miserable night - winning only two of the 17 seats up for election and losing two sitting councillors, one of them the long-serving Nadia Cenci in Stoke Park.

The turnout across the borough was low - only 33% - and one other statistic of note was that 57% of those who voted did so by post rather than visiting a polling station.

Ipswich Council results:


John Cook (L)*, 1,228

Laura Allenby (C), 557

Most Read

Sophie Williams (LD), 139

Tom Wilmot (G), 357

Majority: 671

Labour hold


Edward Phillips (C)*, 1,184

Paul Anderson (L), 743

Stephanie Cullen (G), 207

Trevor Powell (LD), 167

Majority: 441

Conservative hold.


Stephen Connelly (L), 880

Mike Scanes (C), 595

Adria Pittock (G), 188

Henry Williams (LD), 98

Majority: 285

Labour Hold

Castle Hill: 

Sam Murray (C)*, 978

Kimberley Clements (L), 668

Martin Pakes (LD), 423

Majority: 310

Conservative Hold


Lynne Mortimer (L), 1,061

Albert Demaj (C), 798

Conrad Packwood (LD), 53

Brieanna Patmore (G), 135

Majority: 263

Labour hold


Elizabeth Hughes (L)*, 971

Sian Gubb (C), 474

Lee Morris (G), 145

Lisa Weichert (LD), 87

Majority: 497

Labour hold


George Lankester (L), 1,095

John Downie (C)*, 842

Jenny Rivett (G), 260

Robin Whitmore (LD), 72

Majority: 253

Labour gain

Priory Heath:

Daniel Maguire (L)*, 1,033

Andy Shannon (C), 635

Nicholas Jacob (LD), 105

Andy Patmore (G), 155

Majority: 398

Labour hold


Stefan Long (L),  1,308

Paul Cawthorn (C), 814

Lucy Drake (LD), 156

Rachel Morris (G), 162

Majority: 494

Labour hold


Colin Smart (L), 847

Roland Mortimer (C), 757

Barry Broom (G), 126

Majority: 90

Labour hold

St John’s (two seats):

Sophie Connelly (L), 1,290

Elango Elavalakan (L)*, 1,228

Sachin Karale (C), 790

Tim Buttle (C), 865

Jude Rook (G), 243

Giles Turner (LD), 280

Jason Williams (G) 159

Labour hold two seats

St Margaret’s:  

Inga Lockington (LD)*, 1,765

Stephen Ion (C), 563

Ruman Muhith (L), 451

Kirsty Wilmot (G), 215

Majority: 1,202

LD hold

Stoke Park:

Tony Blacker (L), 855

Nadia Cenci (C)*, 817

Martin Hynes (G),  69

Adam Merritt (LD), 62

Sandra Sparrow (ADF), 31

Majority: 38

Labour gain


Colin Kreidewolf (L)*, 939

Debbie Richards (C), 444

Martin Hore (LD), 156

John Mann (G), 188

Majority: 495

Labour hold


Colin Wright (L)*, 970

David Goldsmith (C), 511

Andrea McDonald (G), 175


Labour hold


Christine Shaw (L)*, 1,078

Michelle Bevan-Margetts (C), 774

Julie Fletcher (LD), 70

Edmund Harrison (G), 91

Majority: 304

Labour hold

Key: C – Conservative, L – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, G – Green Party, ADF – Alliance for Democracy and Freedom.
The asterisk denotes a sitting councillor.