Unanimous backing for new country park in Ipswich

Henley Road

The site of the proposed new country park on the Ipswich Garden Suburb. - Credit: Google

Proposals to create a new country park as part of a new 3,000-home development have been given unanimous backing by Ipswich council - with the chairman of its planning committee saying: "I wish it could be there tomorrow!"

The new park is to be developed on the Henley Gate neighbourhood of the Ipswich Garden Suburb.

It is designed to give a major open space for people living on the new Ipswich Northern Fringe development that will eventually have about 3,000 homes stretching from Tuddenham Road to Henley Road.

The park has been designed to create a green area separating the homes on the new development from the ancient village of Westerfield.

Country Park

An illustration showing the first phase of the new country park at the Ipswich Garden Suburb. - Credit: Ipswich Council

Wednesday's meeting of the borough's planning and development committee gave detailed planning permission for development of about half the country park, that will eventually be 31 hectares.

It will include wooded areas, open spaces and areas of "wilderness" created to attract wildlife.

An existing pond will be retained and new ones created - including one with a "doggy dipping" area to encourage owners to allow their pet to go in there to cool off on a hot day, rather than those that are more wildlife-friendly.

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Carole Jones, who is portfolio holder for the town's parks on the borough, said: "This will be a wonderful new area for the town and it will be really exciting to see it developing.

"I think everyone will welcome this. The last few months have shown just how vital the town's green spaces are for everyone - and to have a new area like this as part of the new Garden Suburb is very welcome."

Most of the area is currently agricultural land and while most is in Ipswich borough, a small strip between Westerfield Brook and Lower Road is in East Suffolk district and will have to be approved by that authority.

The chairman of the Ipswich committee, Peter Gardiner,  was delighted at the unanimous approval of the proposal.

He said: "The only thing is we will have to be patient to see this - I wish it could all just be there tomorrow!"

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