Labour lose seats but retain power: Ipswich election results in full

Count at Ipswich Corn Exchange

The socially-distanced count at Ipswich Corn Exchange - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Labour retained power at Ipswich council after this year's elections - but could be vulnerable in the future after the Conservatives made big advances in their heartlands.

The Conservatives won borough seats in Whitton, Gainsborough and Sprites as well as their more familiar territory like Castle Hill and Bixley.

But Labour did hang on to some of their normal safe areas like Bridge, Priory Heath and Rushmere - even though their majorities were reduced considerably.

The fate of the council was never in question - opposition parties would have had to win every seat up for election to threaten the Labour Party's overall majority in this election because only a third of the seats at the 48-member authority were up for grabs.

In total, Tories gained six seats from Labour, which leaves overall standings of: Labour 30; Conservative 15; Lib Dem 3.

Labour is, however, concerned that these losses could make their majority vulnerable in future years.

And some seats that they normally see as safe like Whitehouse and Rushmere were won with small majorities.

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Borough council leader David Ellesmere held on to his Gipping seat - that is one of the safest seats in the town - and his deputy Bryony Rudkin and executive member Sarah Barber were also returned.

But he did lose another executive member Sophie Meudec who lost in Whitton to Tory Tony Gould - he had been UKIP parliamentary candidate in Ipswich four years ago.

It will be the loss of "heartland" seats like Gainsborough that really sets alarm bells ringing - that has different boundaries to the county council seat which has been taken by the Tories before. This seat had always been solid Labour since the boundaries were drawn up in 2002.

The Conservatives won both seats in Holywells - meaning they now hold all three for the first time in several years.

Elsewhere Liberal Democrat Oliver Holmes retained his seat in St Margarets.

Overall the Conservatives won six seats from Labour - leaving the overall make-up of the council 30 Labour, 15 Conservative and three Liberal Democrats.

Full results:

Alexandra: Adam Rae (L)* 1,266, Sachin Karale (C) 889, Tom Wilmot (G) 355, Gerald Pryke (LD) 149. Turnout: 36.2%. Lab hold. 

Bixley: Lee Reynolds (C) 1,639, Paul Bones (L) 687, Stephanie Cullen (G) 249, Lisa Weichert (LD) 119. Turnout: 47.11%. Con hold. 

Bridge: Bryony Rudkin (L)* 895, Mike Scanes (C) 771, Adria Pittock (G) 235, Martin Hore (LD) 94. Turnout: 30.57%. Lab hold. 

Castle Hill (two seats): Ian Fisher (C)* 1,331, Sam Murray (C) 1,101, Emily Bosley (L) 785, Kimberley Clements (L) 596, Martin Pakes (LD) 258, Jayden Dodds (G) 247, Sophie Williams (LD) 217. Turnout: 41.65%. Con hold. 

Gainsborough: Shayne Pooley (C) 1,066, Stephen Connelly (L)* 908, Brieanna Patmore (G) 143, Conrad Packwood (LD) 57. Turnout: 35.43%. Con take from Lab. 

Gipping: David Ellesmere (L)* 967, Mark Phillips (C) 713, Lucy Williams (G) 149 Lucy Drake (LD) 76. Turnout: 30.57%. Lab hold. 

Holywells (two seats): Philippa Gordon (C) 1,028, John Downie (C) 965, James Whatling (L) 830, Barry Studd (L)* 780, Jenny Rivett (G) 466, Paul Daley (LD) 193. Turnout: 40.78%. Con gain from Lab. 

Priory Heath: Sarah Barber (L)*1,062, Andy Shannon (C) 891, Andy Patmore (G) 187, Nicholas Jacob (LD) 86. Turnout: 33.84%. Lab hold. 

Rushmere: Alasdair Ross (L)* 1,208, Stephen Ion (C) 1,159, Rachel Morris (G) 200, Julie Fletcher (LD) 126. Turnout: 43.61%. Lab hold. 

Sprites: Steve Flood (C) 1,039, Colin Smart (L)* 730. Malcolm Mitchell (LD) 68. Turnout: 36.32% Con gain from Lab. 

St John’s: Neil MacDonald (L)* 1,300, Josh Owens (C) 1,097, Jude Rook (G) 200, Trevor Powell (LD) 116. Turnout: 37.61%. Lab hold. 

St Margaret’s: Oliver Holmes (LD) 1,427, Debbie Richards (C) 977, Stefan Long (L) 722, Kirsty Wilmot (G) 235, Sue Hagley (BPP) 40. Turnout: 53.09%. Lib Dem hold. 

Stoke Park: Rhys Ellis (C) 1,126, Shane Spitty (L) 569, Martin Hynes (G) 124, Adam Merritt (LD) 115. Turnout: 36.68%. Con take from Lab. 

Westgate: Carole Jones (L)* 1,002, Katherine West (C) 631, John Mann (G) 173, Robin Whitmore (LD) 169. Jennifer McCarthy (BPP) 38, Katherine West (C) 631. Turnout: 31.27%. Lab hold. 

Whitehouse: Tracy Grant (L)* 813, Stephen Lark (C) 783, Edmund Harrison (G) 193. Turnout: 27.94%. Lab hold. 

Whitton: Tony Gould (C) 1,191, Sophie Meudec (L)* 978. Turnout: 36.39%. Con gain from Lab. 

Key: C – Conservative, L – Labour, LD – Liberal Democrats, G – Green Party, BPP – Burning Pink Party. 
The asterisk denotes a sitting councillor in that authority.