Meet the Ipswich 18-year-old who is now one of UK's youngest politicians

Nathan Wilson, Suffolk county councillor for Chantry

Ipswich's Nathan Wilson is now one of the UK's youngest councillors after winning election to Suffolk County Council - Credit: Nathan Wilson

This is 18-year-old Nathan Wilson - who is now one of the youngest councillors in the country after winning a seat on Suffolk County Council in this year's local elections.

Nathan, a student at the University of Suffolk, stood for the Conservatives in the two-member Chantry division alongside borough councillor Nadia Cenci.

This is not the first time Tories have won in the division - but it is the first time they have taken both seats. 

Mr Wilson is 19 in August and is not sure whether he is the youngest councillor in the country.

However, given that people cannot vote until they are 18 - let alone stand for election - he is likely to be at least one of the youngest.

"I don't know of any councillors younger than me - but I hope this shows people that young people have a voice and an opinion," he said.

"I hope to be an advocate for young people in the council chamber - although the most important thing is to represent the people that elected me on to the council."

The two main issues Nathan came across during his campaign were the state of the roads in the area and worries about county lines drug gangs from inner cities moving into Ipswich. 

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"These are things I shall be trying to bring up in the council chamber," he said.

Despite being delighted at his victory, he still finds it strange to be called "Councillor Wilson".

He said: "I would not have won here if I had not come from here and know the area so well."

He was brought up on the Chantry estate and, although his family now lives in Sproughton, he is living in Stoke Park.

"It is very important that people know that I know the area well and I want to do my best for it," he said.

Nathan said his family were very pleased and proud at his victory.

He has also been congratulated by fellow students at the university, with Nathan adding: "Even those who don't have the same political beliefs as me have come up and said 'well done'.

"Everyone has been very supportive."

Over the next few days, Nathan will join his fellow councillors for their induction at Endeavour House before the authority's annual meeting.