Major Henry Wigglesworth taken off Pigs Gone Wild trail as Trotters Pig returns

Laura Pearman and Elise Augier from Martin & Co with Jack Nicholl and Paul Seymour of pigs gone wild

Laura Pearman and Elise Augier from Martin & Co with Jack Nicholl and Paul Seymour of pigs gone wild welcome Trotter Pig back after he returns from Hogspital. Pictured with some young pig fans.

Vandals have once again put a dampner on the popular Pigs Gone Wild trail, forcing organisers to remove another sculpture from the piggy parade so it can be repaired.

Major Henry Wigglesworth, whose home is just outside Chelsea Building Society, near Giles Circus, had to be taken off the trail and will go to the Hogspital for repair after being damaged on Thursday night.

Major Henry is sponsored by East of England Co-op Funeral Services, Farthing Funeral Services and Hyde-Chambers Funeral Directors and the Co-op has generously offered to pay for the cost to get Major Henry back on the trail.

Major Henry was removed just as the Trotters Pig returned to his plinth at Giles Circus and was greeted by a number of youngsters itching to have their photo taken with the Only Fools and Horses three-wheeled van inspired sculpture.

The Trotters Pig, which is sponsored by Martin & Co, was removed from the trail, along with fellow sculpture, Hedgepig, nearly two weeks ago, after being damaged.

John Grose were on hand to save the day and have fixed both the pigs at no charge to St Elizabeth Hospice, who have organised the Pigs Gone Wild trail in conjunction with Wild in Art.

Norman Lloyd, project manager for the popular trail said the charity was disappointed to have had to remove the pig before the weekend.

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He added: “Fortunately, the damage isn’t too bad and we’re hopeful it can be fixed quite quickly. We had to remove it as there was a sharp edge, which could be dangerous for the public.

“We are unsure at this time what caused the damage to Major Henry but we will be informing the police following their last appeal for witnesses after Trotters Pig and Hedgepig were damaged two weeks ago.”

Andrew Dawes, head of specialist services for the Co-op, said: “It is particularly sad to see our pig have to be removed from his place on the trail and we want to do all that we can to make sure that he is back on display as soon as possible, with none of the proceeds of the trail having to be used to pay for this.

“We are looking forward to having the Major back at his post in the near future!”

Mr Lloyd added: “We are hugely grateful to the Co-op, fittingly, our knights in shining armour, for offering to help with the costs to repair Major Henry, which means all the proceeds from the trail can go directly to the hospice for patient care.

“We hope to have Major Henry, a fictional character dreamed up by local artist Jade Dye, fixed up and back on the trail soon.”

Anyone doing the Pigs Gone Wild trail will still be able to tick him off and on the map and app and complete the trail, as his plinth and plaque with the app QR code will still be in place.

Hedgepig is currently with her artist, Valerie Osment, to be repainted and will be back on the trail as soon as she is ready.

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