Man stabbed pal after boozing session

AN Ipswich man stabbed his vulnerable friend after a drinking session fuelled a vicious row.

AN Ipswich man stabbed his vulnerable friend after a drinking session fuelled a vicious row.

Darren Tibbles selected a black handled serrated knife from Russell Nunn's kitchen and stabbed him in the back of his leg.

Tibbles told police he saw “red mist” after Mr Nunn made offensive sexual comments about Tibble's girlfriend.

Lesla Small, prosecuting at South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court, said Tibbles, 37, of Birkfield Drive, had been drinking lager and cider at Mr Nunn's Millfield Gardens flat on September 4.

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Ms Small said: “They had about 19 cans between them and the majority of a three litre bottle of cider. Mr Nunn was talking about Mr Tibble's new partner and he took exception to it.

“He flipped his lid and threw drink over the television and a glass on the floor. Mr Nunn felt a sharp pain in his leg and saw a black handled serrated knife sticking out of the back of his leg.”

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She said the wound bled badly and police and paramedics saw footprints of blood leading between Mr Nunn's flat and his neighbours where he went for help.

When the police arrived Tibbles immediately admitted that he had stabbed his friend but later he had little recollection of the incident. Tibbles pleaded guilty to causing Mr Nunn actual bodily harm.

Dino Barricella, mitigating, said Mr Nunn had learning difficulties and Tibbles helped him with letters and reading in return for money and alcohol.

He said Mr Nunn provoked Tibbles with his comment and claimed Tibbles' attack was not premeditated.

However magistrates' said because the defendant had gone to the kitchen to get the knife it was a premeditated attack.

Tibbles was released on conditional bail and told a date would be fixed for him to be committed to Ipswich Crown Court for sentencing.

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