Martlesham: Tesco store criticised over parking space abuse

martlesham: A group for disabled people has today voiced its concern over drivers blocking disabled car parking spaces at supermarkets.

The Access Group of Suffolk, which works to improve access for disabled people, is also concerned that some supermarket chains are not doing enough to monitor the abuse of the spaces or enforce their proper use.

Linda Hoggarth, of The Access Group, said a number of complaints had been received about the blocking of spaces for blue badge holders at Tesco in Martlesham.

“It’s a mystery why some non-disabled people don’t seem to understand the mobility difficulties experienced by disabled people,” she added.

“It can be very frustrating for a disabled person to find all the blue badge parking spaces filled at a supermarket and then to see an apparently fit and active person walk to one of the parked cars with their shopping.

“Nothing seems to be being done to check that only blue badge holders are using the spaces provided.”

A Tesco spokesman said the store does all it can to prevent abuse of blue badge spaces in our car parks.

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He added: “The great majority of our customers observe the policy well but those who don’t are asked to move their cars, over the store PA system or by leaving notices on cars.”