Men admit growing cannabis in their Ipswich home

Men admit growing cannabis

Men admit growing cannabis - Credit: Archant

Two men have pleaded guilty to growing cannabis in their Ipswich home.

David Paul, 50, and Ricky Thorpe, 28, both of Dandalan Close, admitted production of cannabis when they appeared before the town’s South East Suffolk Magistrates Court.

Thorpe also pleaded guilty to a separate offence of possessing cannabis.

The offences occured on June 25.

Prosecutor Colette Harper said police executed a search warrant at the pair’s home.

Paul told officers he rented the property and had lived there for 10 years. Before renting the premises he had owned the property.

Police found 13 plants, eight of which were 40cms high, the other five were 7cms tall.

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A large hanging light was also in the room to help the cannabis grow.

Mrs Harper said officers saw Thorpe when he came out of his bedroom.

The court heard Paul told police: “I’ve only just started to grow it. It’s because I have lost my job.”

Thorpe was said to have told officers the cannabis was mostly his and Paul had ‘just gone along with it’.

The men added they did not grow it to make money, just to smoke.

Subsequently a single wrap of cannabis was found in the pocket of Thorpe’s shorts.

Larissa Hutson, representing both men, told the court the cannabis found at Dandalan Close was for personal use and there was no suggestion of large-scale production.

Mrs Hutson added the seven small cuttings were withered and about to be thrown out.

Magistrates heard Paul had suffered a series of bereavements 10 years ago and began drinking.

The person who bought the property from Paul had rented it back to him and Thorpe was a friend who lodged there.

Paul was said to have had an issue with alcohol.

Mrs Hutson added that he had “swapped one evil for another”.

She also said Paul wants to get his life back to normality.

Regarding Thorpe Mrs Hutson said: “Mr Thorpe tells me it is a bit of a wake-up call.”

The court was told he had now stopped using cannabis and was getting help to get back into work.

Magistrates told both men they must pay a total of £260 in fines and costs.

Paul and Thorpe were also given community orders with a 80-hour unpaid work requirement.