Missing Luke: latest sighting

NICKI Durbin today said she is trying not to get her hopes up after a new sighting of her missing son Luke.

NICKI Durbin today said she is trying not to get her hopes up after a new sighting of her missing son Luke.

The Evening Star can exclusively reveal that officers are currently waiting to view CCTV footage taken at Taunton in Somerset following a reported sighting of Luke.

His mother, Nicki, 38, is fearful about getting too excited as there was a previous sighting of him in the same area last year which turned out to be false.

She said: “Last year I was shown CCTV footage of a man in Devon and I was convinced it was Luke. He had the same mannerisms and clothes so I asked police to keep re-running it. When it was enhanced though I realised it wasn't him.

“As soon as I heard this sighting was in Taunton, I thought it must be the same man as last year.

“My hopes have been raised so many times that I'm trying to stay incredibly grounded. I just want it to be Luke.”

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Anne-Marie Breach, spokeswoman for Suffolk police said: “It is too early to say if it is Luke and we do not want to get people's hopes up but I can confirm there has been a reported sighting and we are investigating.”

The footage is thought to date from earlier this month and was taken at Taunton Railway Station.

Refusing to speculate further on whether the reported sighting is genuine or not, Mrs Breach said: “We are keeping our minds open. There was a previous sighting reported of Luke in the same area last year but it later proved not to be him. We are adopting a wait and see policy.”

Officers are expected to view the CCTV images at some point next week.

Mrs Breach said: “We hope to look at the video as soon as it arrives. If officers think it is of sufficient quality and suspect it could be Luke we will ask Luke's mum to view it.”

Luke, of Coronation Avenue, Hollesley, was last seen in Ipswich just over a year ago, aged 19.

He was captured on CCTV heading towards the cattle market bus station in Ipswich town centre at about 4am on May 12.

If you have seen Luke, call Suffolk police on 01473 613500.

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