Mixed picture for Suffolk’s schools with Ofsted’s annual report on standards

Ofsted has published its annual review of schools

Ofsted has published its annual review of schools - Credit: ThinkStock

Suffolk’s primary schools are outperforming the county’s secondaries, according to figures released today by Ofsted.

The percentage of children going to ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ primary schools has risen by 4% in a year – to 76%, while it has fallen for secondaries by 3%, down to 70%.

This means Suffolk’s primaries are ranked 132nd in the country, with the secondaries at 109th, both out of 150 local authorities.

The county council, which wants all schools to be good and outstanding by January 2017, is likely to point to the fact the statistics only cover inspections up to August 31 – with several schools in recent weeks having moved from ‘requires improvement’ to the ‘good’ grade.

The latest Ofsted monthly statistics showed 78% of Suffolk schools were now good or outstanding – 4% up on last year.

Andrew Cook, Ofsted’s director for the East of England, commented on the regional picture.

“The picture across the East of England is one of variability,” he said. “While children have a better chance to achieve well in the early years, the chances for older pupils and learners to do as well as they should are mixed.

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“Ofsted continues to focus on the attainment of disadvantaged pupils which remains a concern in many parts of the East of England. Likewise, the poor achievement of many looked after children, particularly at the end of secondary school, not only causes concern but demands urgent action from providers and the local authority virtual schools.

“However, looking beyond the overall headlines there are areas where outcomes for children, pupils and pupils have improved.”

Today’s findings were part of Ofsted chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw’s annual review of schools.