Model, muso, coach - Pcs can do it all

ONE is an electrician, another is a musician, while a third teaches learners how to drive - and they are all Suffolk police officers.

Josh Warwick

ONE is an electrician, another is a musician, while a third teaches learners how to drive - and they are all Suffolk police officers.

Other constables work as lecturers, models, entertainers, football coaches, photographers and even therapists.

The Evening Star can today reveal that a total of 23 officers within the constabulary registered as having second jobs in 2007 - a 12 per cent rise compared with 2006.

The Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, today defended officers' rights to have a second job.

The federation's Angela Mercer said: “The figures show only a small number of Suffolk Police Federation members have second jobs and relate to very specific and individual cases.

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“The National Federation of England and Wales are pleased the regulations have changed to enable our members to do this.

“This has been a favourable movement forward lifting heavy restrictions on the private lives of police officers.

“I am sure with the recent Home Secretary decision not to honour an Independent Arbitration on police pay may mean more officers take second jobs.

“However, the Federation acknowledge there should be clear guidance on what jobs we could do and obtain advice through Suffolk Constabulary Police and Professional Standards as we would not want to undermine the public confidence in the police and would not want to abuse our position.”

As long as the chief constable agrees, police are allowed to hold down secondary employment.

Officers' second jobs have come to light following a Freedom of Information request by The Evening Star.

There are currently around 1350 officers within Suffolk police, meaning only one in every 59 currently enjoys an additional income.

The Police Federation is currently in dispute with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith over police pay.

Police are angry over a U-turn over a 2.5 per cent rise which was not fully backdated, saving the government £30million and effectively slashing the increase to under two per cent.

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Some of the second jobs held by police officers:

2005 2006 2007

Accountancy 1

Assessor 1

Bed and Breakfast Owner 1

Business Partner 1

Catering 1

Company Secretary 2

Driver 1 3 2

Driving Instructor 1

Electrician 1 1

Entertainer 2

Football Coach 1 1

Handy Person 1

Instructor / Tutor 2

IT Consultant / Technician 2

Landlord (Letting) 2 4 12

Lecturer 2

Marketing Manager 1

Media Services 1

Modelling 1

Motorcycle Trainer 1 1

Musician 1 1 1

Photographer 1 1

Promotional Work 1

Reflexologist 1

Sports Coach 1

Squash Coach 1

Student Assessor 1

Studio Technical Operator 1

Swimming Instructor 1 1

Therapist 1

Training 3 3 1

Total 29 19 23