More needed from Sizewell C project

I DON’T believe it is possible to have a credible green policy without including nuclear in the mix – and given that there are already two nuclear stations at Sizewell, the idea of a third station seems reasonable.

However the French government, sorry EDF Energy, must not be allowed to get away with building this on the cheap.

On the other side of the channel if you want to build major projects like this, then Electricite de France (to give the company its full title) is expected to provide adequate compensation – new schools, roads, infrastructure projects.

Therefore it is not unreasonable to expect EDF to provide adequate compensation for us in Suffolk – notably a by-pass for the four villages on the A12 that lie between Ipswich (where many of its staff live) and the power station.

I know the road would be used by other vehicles, bringing a boost to the whole of east Suffolk, but the �50-�60 million it is expected to cost is a tiny fraction of �9billion total cost of building the station.

When this kind of development is proposed in EDF’s homeland there is no argument. They would get on and build the by-pass – they regard the support of the local people as important.

People in Suffolk recognise the value of Sizewell to the local economy.

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Is it really too much to ask the bosses at EDF to recognise the needs of the local communities that are going to be neighbours of their new power plant?

So come on EDF, show us that you’re not just a foreign government come over here to make a quick buck free from the restrictions you impose on development in your own country.

Isn’t the four villages by-pass a price worth paying for widespread public support for your huge construction project?