More than a third of Suffolk home burglaries happen at unlocked properties, say police

Police have revealed more than a third of home burglaries are to insecure properties

Police have revealed more than a third of home burglaries are to insecure properties - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

More than a third of home burglaries in Suffolk over the last two months were due to unlocked doors and lack of security, according to police.

Officers have issued fresh advice on how to keep your home secure

Officers have issued fresh advice on how to keep your home secure - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Of the 185 reported burglaries in April and May, 65 were due to insecure door and windows.

However, during the same time period last year, 72 of the 170 reported burglaries were due to insecurities - a drop of 7%.

Detective superintendent Andy Smith said: “Whilst we have seen a slight drop in insecure home burglaries, the summer months are popular for thieves as more of us spend more time outdoors.

“It’s important that we all continue to take security seriously and lock up – even if you’re in another area of the house or in the garden. Thieves are opportunist and operate quickly.

“Typically, they will look for the easy option by looking for gaps in security and are often not afraid to try door locks.

“If they see an easy way to enter a property and steal something valuable, sadly, they’ll take it so I would urge people not to leave valuable items such as laptops and jewellery in view of windows.

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“Remember to keep garages and outbuildings secure too as burglars look for utensils to help them break into homes.

“Be neighbourly by looking out for your local community and always report any suspicious activity to police.

“If you believe a burglary to be in progress always dial 999.”

In light of the figures, police have issued fresh advice to help keep your home safe.

As well as making sure all doors and windows are locked when you leave the house, police advise locking the front door even when you at home - especially if you are enjoying the sun in the back garden - and to lock back gates with a sturdy lock.

They say a home should look ‘lived in’ by using timer switches on lights and motion detecting security lighting.

They advise trimming hedges and trees in front gardens to allow a clear line of sight of your home.

Valuables such as jewellery, cash, and passports should be hidden away or locked in a safe and spare keys should never be left in an open place.

Dustbins and wheelie bins could be used by burglars to access rear gardens so should be kept well away from fences and hedges and equipment, such as gardening tools, should not be left lying around as thieves can use them to access your home.

For more advice on how to secure your home see here.

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