Mosiah gets support from all sides

EMOTIONAL messages of support have been sent to brave sixth form pupil Mosiah Torres as he recovers from a savage beating at the hands of a violent gang.

EMOTIONAL messages of support have been sent to brave sixth form pupil Mosiah Torres as he recovers from a savage beating at the hands of a violent gang.

Readers have expressed their outrage at learning the 18-year-old will be left him with metal screws in his jaw for life after being set upon by 15 pupils on the school field at Copleston High.

They merciless mob even dragged his battered body away from teachers who had intervened and continued to kick him to a pulp.

Just days before the attack, Mosiah was taking the first steps in a promising singing career when he fronted a performance by the Suffolk Youth Orchestra at his school.

Doctors were concerned the young soloist will never get a chance to realise his singing potential.

Evening Star readers were moved by Mosiah's shocking story and sent messages of support in their droves, wishing the young student a speedy recovery.

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Elaine Dickings, of Washbrook, kindly sent the teenager a �10 note with the message: “It's not much but I hope he can enjoy whatever he spends it on.

“My heart goes out to the Torres family. I wish Mosiah well and sincerely hopes he makes a full recovery from his injuries.

“It is sickening and the fact that those ruthless beasts were able to drag Mosiah away from the teachers who intervened and continue their attack is barbaric.”

Mosiah's father, Am�rico, thanked everyone who had sent their best wishes for his son, saying: “I'm very happy to hear the messages for Mosiah.

“Mrs Dickings told him to forget his music career and try to become Prime Minister to make sure what happened to him doesn't happen again.

“He is a lot better and is healing faster than expected. He's back at home but can't eat normal food yet.

“He is moving his jaw better than he was a week ago and will be okay to start singing again in about two weeks.”

The horrific attack happened after a football strayed into an area of the school playing field being used by the gang.

The group allegedly began kicking Mosiah's 12-year-old brother Eddie but turned on Mosiah when he ran over to defend his sibling.

More messages of support for Mosiah Torres:

M Danean, Defoe Road, Ipswich: “Are there any other Ipswich residents like myself who feel ashamed and disgusted at the savage beating and hospitalisation of a local youth by a feral gang?”

Hannah Perchant, Ipswich: “This is an absolute disgrace to this poor boy. No one deserves this to happen to them.”

Sharon Ashton, Ipswich: “My thoughts are with this poor family. I hope he recovers well from the incident and goes on to do well in life and hope the youngsters concerned learn to respect and behave towards others in a socially acceptable way!”

Sharon Ashton, Ipswich

Megan Vincent, Ipswich: “It's just disgusting! Who would be so nasty? This boy is a lovely boy who is very polite. Me and my friends know him through music and he's a really nice boy. I hope he has a fast improvement on his injuries.

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