Mother speaks of son's gun horror

IPSWICH: A shooting victim's mother today told of her relief after her son escaped serious injury when he was wounded by a gunman.five people injured.

Colin Adwent

IPSWICH: A shooting victim's mother today told of her relief after her son escaped serious injury when he was wounded by a gunman.

The woman asked not to be named as the family fear reprisals if they are identified following the violence which broke out at the Caribbean Club in Woodbridge Road leaving five people injured.

The victim, who is believed to be in his 40s and lives in Ipswich, was shot in the groin early Saturday morning while trying to protect another man.

He was driven to hospital by a friend, but was discharged the same day after treatment.

His parents - also from Ipswich - only discovered he had been wounded when his mother returned from a trip to London.

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She said: “My husband was on the telephone. Somebody had rung to tell us. As I came in he told me my son had got shot.

“I was shaking. I didn't know what to do, or if I should cry. We went straight to see him.”

The mother said relief was her overriding emotion when she saw her son recovering at home.

She said: “I was over the moon. I was happy to see he was walking about. He was very lucky.

“I would like to thank everybody who has helped him and who have rung us to wish him all the best.”

The woman was told that when trouble broke out, her son stepped in to help a man who was being attacked.

Around 300 revellers were in the club at the time, the majority - thought to be as many as 200 - had come up from London to a Bashy Friday event. It is believed the man who fired the gun was among those who were from the capital.

She said: “My son said he noticed they were beating the DJ. He just happened to say 'why are you doing that?' because everybody was having a good time.

“They turned around and started on him, hitting him.”

During the assault her son had a finger broken, but was also shot by what police believe was a silver automatic handgun.

The woman said: “My son told me he didn't even know he was shot until he felt his leg go numb.”

The legacy of the attack and the widespread violence inside and outside the club has left the family in fear.

The victim's mother said: “Even now, I'm very scared because we don't know what people will do. That's the most worrying thing.”

The gunshot victim declined to speak about the incident.

Police are appealing for witnesses to what happened in the early hours of Saturday to come forward. They have also reassured people they will do everything they can to protect them.

Anyone who can help the inquiry should telephone 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers (in confidence) on 0800 555111.

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