Motorist stopped in Kesgrave suspected of watching YouTube videos while driving

Police have stopped a motorist in Kesgrave suspected of driving while watching Youtube videos Pictur

Police have stopped a motorist in Kesgrave suspected of driving while watching Youtube videos Picture: SUFFOLK POLICE - Credit: Archant

A man has been pulled over by police in Kesgrave after being suspected of watching YouTube music videos while he was driving.

According to the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team’s Twitter feed, as they were following the vehicle yesterday, Monday, January 7, the driver was allegedly watching videos on a phone attached to the windscreen.

Officers issued a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) to the motorist for using a vehicle while a ‘television receiving apparatus’ could be seen by the driver.

The tweet reads: “We’ve just stopped this vehicle in Kesgrave as when we were following it the driver had music videos playing on @youtube on his phone attached to the window screen.

“#TOR issued for using a motor vehicle when television receiving apparatus was visible to the driver #PHQARV #922.”

Asked for clarification on the rules surrounding watching television while driving, the team tweeted back a copy of the law.

It reads: “No person shall drive, or cause or permit to be driven, a motor vehicle on a road, if the driver is in such a position as to be able to see, whether directly or by a reflection, a television receiving apparatus or other cinematographic apparatus used to display anything other than information about the state of the vehicle of its equipment, about the location of the vehicle and the road on which it is located, to assist the driver to see the road adjacent to the vehicle or to assist the driver reach his designation.”

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