Mum and son jailed after attack

A MOTHER and son are serving prison terms today after an attack on the ex-boyfriend of their daughter and sister.

A MOTHER and son are serving prison terms today after an attack on the ex-boyfriend of their daughter and sister.

Colleen Deaves, 43, who had no previous convictions, was in tears as she left Ipswich Crown Court following her sentencing for perverting the course of justice.

She had disposed of a metal bar used in the attack.

Gervaise Deaves, of Chaucer Road, Ipswich was sentenced to 15 months for causing actual bodily to Glenn Sewell, 47, the former boyfriend of his 19-year-old sister, Ivy.

The 18-year-old attacked Mr Sewell after the ex-lovebirds punched and slapped each other during an argument at the Freemason's Tavern in Victoria Street, Ipswich.

Colleen Deaves was jailed for three months for disposing of the metal bar down a drain and also washing his clothes to destroy forensic evidence.

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The court was told the attack left Mr Sewell with a three to four inch gash on the top of his head, which required hospital treatment.

Sentencing the 43-year-old, also of Chaucer Road, Ipswich, Judge Anthony Bate said: “Perverting the course of justice is always treated very seriously. I take the view in this case that your conduct was deliberate, albeit borne out of loyalty to your son.

“But it is important the message always goes out from the courts that those who seek to destroy evidence will always be treated firmly by the courts.”

Before sending her son - who had a previous conviction for battery - to a young offenders' institution, Judge Bate told him: “It is easy to see circumstances where the charge would be altogether graver.”

The court had heard the pair had pleaded guilty to their respective charges at earlier hearings.

Prosecutor Peter Gair said Mr Sewell had been going out with Ivy Deaves for around two-and-a-half years, although they had split by January 9 this year, the day the attack occurred.

The former couple still saw each other as friends and were in the Freemason's Tavern when an argument broke out after Ivy received a text from another man.

The court heard, the pair went outside and although Mr Sewell tried to calm Ivy down, she punched him and he slapped her back.

When Colleen Deaves and her son arrive at the pub Mrs Deaves questioned Mr Sewell about hitting her daughter. Geavaise Deaves stood behind his mother with the metal bar he had taken from a stand-up clock in his bedroom.

Mr Gair said one witness had told police Mr Deaves then took two or three steps forward and hit Mr Sewell over the head with it.

The landlord restored order by telling the Deaves' to leave the pub.