Mum says son 'murdered' by drink driver

A heartbroken mother whose son was killed by a drink driver today said as far as she was concerned her son had been murdered.

STOWMARKET: A heartbroken mother whose son was killed by a drink driver today said as far as she was concerned her son had been murdered.

Jayne Jones was at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday with other family members to hear Nicholas Kemp, of Eastward Place, Stowmarket, plead guilty to causing death by careless driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The 36-year-old was more than double the legal drink-drive alcohol limit when he injured five people and killed Mrs Jones' son, Aiden, 20, of Orwell Road, Stowmarket.

Kemp, who broke a leg and an arm in the crash himself, was still using a walking stick as an aid when he attended court to enter his plea.

He was at the wheel of his Citroen C5 when it collided with Mr Jones' Ford Focus on the B1113 Needham Market road at Badley just before midnight on May 1.

Mrs Jones, 50, said: “Why are some people so selfish to think that they can drink and drive and put others' lives in danger?

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“A car is a lethal weapon and you are in charge of that vehicle. In my opinion if you kill someone under the influence of drink then you are a murderer and should serve a life sentence.

“I only hope that one day those low life drink-drivers get a knock on their doors to tell them that someone who they love so dearly has been killed in the same way that we have lost our son by a selfish, inconsiderate drunk-driver.

“Then maybe they will know how we feel - that's if they have a conscience.

“Our family has been left totally devastated and heartbroken after the death of our wonderful son and brother, Aiden.

“He was killed just three weeks before his 21st birthday. Aiden was taking friends home when his car was hit by a car being driven by Nicholas Kemp who was more than twice the legal drink-drive limit.

“At 20, Aiden knew that you did not drink and drive and if he was going to drink then he would leave his car at home and get a lift home later.

“Aiden would always put others before himself, and he has left behind many friends who are also very angry.”

A passenger in Kemp's car and another in Mr Jones' Ford sustained serious injuries in the collision. Two other friends of Mr Jones suffered minor injuries.

Richard Potts, representing Kemp, said his client realised that serious consequences will follow from his decision to plead guilty, but asked Judge John Holt to extend his client's bail.

Judge Holt agreed to release Kemp on unconditional bail until his sentencing.

The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports and will be listed to return to Ipswich Crown Court for the week commencing January 18.