Murder accused 'was selling ecstasy'

PUBLISHED: 15:37 24 July 2001 | UPDATED: 10:23 03 March 2010

ONE of the two men accused of murdering a Chinese man at Kartouche nightclub in Ipswich claimed in police interviews that his co-accused was selling ecstasy tablets in the club that night.

By Lisa Baxter

ONE of the two men accused of murdering a Chinese man at Kartouche nightclub in Ipswich - Steven Lowe - claimed in police interviews that his co-accused Lewis Carroll was selling ecstasy tablets in the club that night.

Both Lowe aged 24 of Spring Road, Ipswich and Carroll aged 32 of Crocus Close, Ipswich, have denied murdering Phillip Lui aged 24 in August 2000.

Toby Woods aged 27 of Cosmeston Street, Cardiff has denied violent disorder.

In interviews read by Det Chief Inspector Tim Beach at Norwich Crown Court today, Lowe said: "Carroll was selling ecstasy in the club that night. He said he had bought 1000 tables off someone and was selling them at £5 each. He asked me if I wanted any and I said 'No'. He had taken some."

Lowe claimed that the Chinese man was "flashy with his money but would not harm a fly."

Lowe claimed after a bouncer Toby Woods had got hold of the Chinese man by the throat and then let him go, Carroll "got him by the throat and hit him three times on the side of the face and Phil hit the floor like a rag doll."

Lowe claimed he had asked Woods about three times to put Phil down and he only did so when Carroll came over.

Lowe also claimed Carroll had had three or four fights that night before this happened.

Lowe claimed that one night at the Cock and Pie pub in Ipswich where he had won the pool money, he went outside and he was "smacked in the mouth" and was "getting digs in the ribs and kicks" by some doormen.

He went across the road and they were shouting at him. He said: "I said to them 'have you finished? 12 against one'" and they started chasing him.

Lowe also claimed: "I have been getting threats with guns as well that I am going to get shot. There was a white transit van with a white and black man inside following me about and I thought it was the CID.

"They pulled up and I went over to the van. I was grabbed towards the van, got a gun out, put it to my mouth.

He claimed he was told if he said anything, his family would be in danger, and added: " They looked at me and put their fingers across their throats. I think it was the bank holiday Monday evening when this happened. It was a white transit van with windows. The driver was white, they had skinheads and tattoos. Both were large men. The black man was like a half cast colour. He would gloves and a black leather coat," said Lowe.

He added: "The gun was put to my mouth and he said something like 'Mr Lowe, keep your mouth shut."

Lowe said his family was in danger if he spoke to police, and claimed the claimed the gun was a Beretter semi-automatic.

He claimed his girlfriend Antonia had been threatened one night by a man who told her: "You both better watch your backs." Lowe said he had no idea who the men were.

Lowe told police he wanted them to know how he felt. "I feel so guilty but I have not done anything. You make me feel I murdered him. He was an associate. You have got someone in there who done it. He can make people not make statements. When he finds out the names of people and his mates get to them will they go to court?"

Asked why this person had such a hold on people, Lowe replied that the offender was 'an animal.'

"You cannot get him and that is unfair. I am not going away for something I never done, I would rather commit suicide."

Lowe added: "When I was arrested at the Cock and Pie and the manager came over and asked me: "Was it you?" I replied: "No it was not, I just hit his mate."

The case continues.

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