My Pet: The Swiss should stop eating canines, says Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter

Abbie Hunter - Credit: Archant

Stop eating dogs!

I’ve been reading on the World Wide Dog that an animal rights group has claimed three per cent of Swiss residents believe carving up canines is perfectly normal.

This is something I just can’t stomach. Apparently cats are also on the menu, but I don’t mind about that.

The BBC reported that a petition with 16,000 signatures had been handed to the Swiss parliament, calling for the government to stop people eating “domestic animals”.

The Food Safety and Veterinary Office in the country says you are not allowed to sell dog or cat meat but it is legal for people to eat their own animals.

I asked Matt, my human person, for his view. He said he had never eaten dog meat and wouldn’t be starting on my skinny body any time soon.

That was quite a relief! I phoned Margot the dalmatian from Milden and she proposed setting up a protest group. Frank the labrador in Leiston said he was indifferent on the matter and then went back to his dog bowl.

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You may think that I’m being hypocritical as dogs are known to happily tuck into any old sort of food. This maybe true for some lower class mutts, but this alsatian-cross-husky is only content with the finest cuts of meat. From rabbit, to duck, to chicken – it must be succulent, but it must not be dog. I have never tried cat, but I know a few felines I wouldn’t mind taking down a peg or two.

As told to Matt Hunter.

If any dogs, or even their owners, would like to write in, email For more from Abbie, see her previous columns here

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