New slogan to pull in the daytrippers, but will it work?

GREAT Days by the Sea.

I actually quite like it. Surprisingly.

It’s Felixstowe’s new marketing slogan – the handful of words by which the town will attract its future hoards of visitors.

I had firmly expected the resort to have been branded in connection with its unique place in history – like many other regions.

Often I travel up the A1 through Robin Hood Country and then the Land of the Prince Bishops, or enjoy days walking on the Jurassic Coast.

As the last place England was invaded by a foreign force, Felixstowe could have been marketed under the image of Invasion Town or England’s Stronghold, or perhaps Fortress Felixstowe.

Clearly though focussing on one aspect of the resort would have restricted the interest to visitors.

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Instead of heritage, just as easily it could have been chosen to focus on the resort’s coastal sporting activities – sailboarding, golf, jet-skiing, sailing, fishing – or its position as a shipspotter’s haven or the nature reserve, or the more traditional bucket-and-spade attractions of sea, sand and amusements.

So what we have is the chance to enjoy some Great Days by the Sea – by appealing to people who love a range of activities or encouraging people to visit many times to try different things, or attend a variety of events.

The holiday trade has been dying for many years and is now being virtually discarded. The aim is firmly to entice daytrippers, especially young professionals and their families.

With its special micro-climate, which means it is warmer, sunnier and drier than almost anywhere in Britain, its safe and pleasant atmosphere, good beaches, heritage links, the resort has some great advantages to shout about.

Promotion of the town has been sadly lacking in recent years and it has fallen behind other places as it has been lumped in with the Suffolk Coast, with Southwold, Aldeburgh and Woodbridge gaining a much higher profile

Chamber of trade chairman Andrew Rowdon believes the new image will bring benefits for the whole town.

“As far as I see it, we are all businesses which can benefit from a bustling town,” he said.

“We all have common goals: to be commercially successful, increase trade and to bring people to the town.”

Over the next few months, as well as hard annuals such as the historic vehicle run, May Day fun run and carnival, new events are planned such as a retro and vintage market, motorcycle show and a beer festival.

As it says on the tin – Great Days by the Sea.

I can’t wait to see the logo.

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