No More Stansted: calls for quiet

WITH Suffolk aiming to become the greenest county, environment spokesman Eddy Alcock today promised to do all in his power to keep it quiet as well.

WITH Suffolk aiming to become the greenest county, environment spokesman Eddy Alcock today promised to do all in his power to keep it quiet as well.

The county has formally opposed the expansion of Stansted Airport beyond the current 25million passenger limit.

But Mr Alcock today emphasised the county was not opposed to all aviation flying over the county.

He said: “Ever since the early part of the century there have been planes flying over Suffolk and that will continue.

“I still remember when I was about six or seven how there were all these planes flying overhead heading for D-Day and late we had all the flights from Bentwaters and Woodbridge.

“But what we have to ensure is that the whole county is not permanently under the flight paths to Stansted and that the peace is not completely shattered.”

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Mr Alcock said there were serious concerns about the growth of aviation had to be addressed and that the council would maintain its opposition to the growth of the Essex airport.

Suffolk's determination to become the greenest county is underpining its policies - and Mr Alcock's work is backed by council leader Jeremy Pembroke.

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AS community leaders start to look seriously at the impact of the increasing number of planes flying over Suffolk, The Evening Star today is asking them ten vital questions.

The questions are being sent to those councils whose areas are currently most affected by jets going to and from Stansted, Luton, East Midlands, London City and other airports - Suffolk Coastal, Mid Suffolk, Babergh, Ipswich and Suffolk County Council.

We pledge to publish their answers in full - to show the people of our county exactly what the councils are doing on their behalf, especially over the proposals due to be brought forward to increase air traffic and to expand Stansted.

Our ten questions for the councils:

1 What is the council's view on the current numbers of flights overflying Suffolk?

2 Is the council concerned about the future growth of Stansted and the extra air traffic this will generate over the county?

3 Does the council have - or is prepared to appoint - an officer whose responsibility includes aviation concerns?

4 Is the council aware of the proposed changes in airspace to be unveiled later this year?

5 Is the council currently in correspondence or communication with the CAA and NATS over these changes?

6 Will the council be making representations about the changes?

7 What is the council doing to safeguard communities from the impact of air travel and ensure our quality of life is not spoiled - and what steps will it being taking in the future?

8 Noise from aircraft is increasing over some communities - is the council prepared to take up this issue with the government on behalf of its residents?

9 Has the council analysed the potential impact of a second runway for Stansted on its area?

10 Will the council be making a formal objection when a planning application for a second runway is made?