Nostalgia: Weighty issues back in 1981

WELCOME to the latest instalment of our chronological look through the Star picture archives.

We are remembering the year 1981 and hope that the pictures in the gallery, above right, spark some happy memories.

Meanwhile, we have received a number of letters from readers in response to pictures that have appeared on these pages in recent weeks.

Here’s a selection of their memories...

I really enjoy your photographic memories and I have seen several familiar faces from my younger days.

I was particularly interested in the picture showing three members of Girls’ Brigade (April 24) who had received their Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.

The uniform has changed but Girls’ Brigade is still going strong. The three young ladies are Janis Wright (formerly Finbow) Susan Beston (Noy) and Alison Card (Pryke) who were then with the 4th Ipswich attached to Burlington Road Baptist Church.

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Sadly, the company at Burlington Road closed a couple of years ago but the church still runs a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group.

Other Girls’ Brigade companies in the area also take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and are busy preparing for summer expeditions, so if there are any adventurous girls out there who think Girls’ Brigade is for them do get in touch.

Anne Durnford,

On behalf of Suffolk District Girls’ Brigade.

My attention was drawn to one of the photographs on May 8 which shows a presentation by the Jaffa Joggers Group. I was presenting a cheque to the late Herbert Stollery who was then chairman of the British Heart Foundation (Ipswich Branch). I had organised a sponsored run on behalf of the Foundation.

The group was formed around 1977 by Terry Gould who is just to the right of Mr Stollery with arms folded. He was a middle distance athletics coach.

I remember we had our first meeting in a hut on the Alderman Road Recreation Ground and formed a committee. In 1978 we transferred our jogging sessions to Chantry Park where this photograph was taken.

This is probably the earliest (or one of the earliest) photos ever taken of the group and so those in the photo were the original members. Later on I believe the group’s activities were transferred to the Northgate Sports Centre. Many of the members will now be in the 50s to 70s age group and I hope that you will get a response from some of those shown.

Ken Rodwell,

Castle Road, Hadleigh

nThe picture of ballet dancers from the Hamilton School of Dancing in the Evening Star on May 15 brought back memories of our daughter Alison Girling.

Alison is still very much involved in dance. Having spent five years studying in Leicester, she is now a qualified dance teacher, having her own classes and teaching at schools in the Nottingham area.

Thank you for the memory.

Mrs. F. Girling