OAP's find true love in twilight years

THEIR combined ages may total 160, but as far as these two Ipswich pensioners are concerned they are just like love's young dream.A couple's twilight years are usually a time for reflection.

THEIR combined ages may total 160, but as far as these two Ipswich pensioners are concerned they are just like love's young dream.

A couple's twilight years are usually a time for reflection.

But today Leslie Ablett and his fiancée Dorothy are looking forward to happy times ahead as they make plans for a life of wedded bliss.

The two lovestruck OAP's are eagerly counting down the days until they tie the knot next Saturday.

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Dorothy, 71, and Leslie, 89, have already lived together for the last two years.

From their home in Sidegate Lane, Ipswich, the couple, spoke of their delight at finding love in the autumn of their lives.

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Dorothy, said: "It is a bit like being a teenager again. I am happier now than I have been for a long time. Leslie asked me three times on Christmas Day to marry him, he was determined to get an answer.

"I couldn't believe my ears."

The couple met six years ago at a Salvation Army over 60's friendship club.

Dorothy said: "We both belong to the Salvation Army. I became friendly with Leslie's wife Evelyn, and to be honest I didn't much like Leslie at first.

"Sadly Evelyn died and I moved in to be Leslie's carer, my own marriage had ended."

Love blossomed and after Dorothy's divorce she took her future husband's name.

She said: "It made it easier when we booked holidays, I never thought we would marry. I am looking forward to being Mrs Ablett instead of Miss though."

Dorothy thinks her cooking is what persuaded Leslie to propose.

"I think he likes the way I look after him. It was a surprise to find love again at my age, I certainly was not expecting it."

Blues fan Leslie admitted Dorothy's roast meals and stew and dumplings are something he enjoys.

The former quality control inspector said: "I like her cooking, she looks after me properly. Meals on wheels aren't as good.

"I never thought I would find anyone. I am very, very lucky to have her."

The couple plan to spend their honeymoon in Morecambe.

Dorothy said: "Morecambe is a special place for us, we have been there before. We like going away together and we are often out and about for a meal or whatever.

"We like to sit and watch the world go by and we enjoy the television. Leslie likes football and I like the soaps."

The couple are looking forward to their big day. After a marriage ceremony at Ipswich Register Office the pair will have their union blessed in a Salvation Army service.

With six children, 14 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren between them the couple are planning a reception afterwards with more than 40 family and friends.

Dorothy said she will be wearing blue for the ceremony. She added: "My 10-year-old granddaughter Kirsty will be my bridesmaid, she is so excited, and so am I."

And where will they be spending the wedding night?

Dorothy added: "It's a secret location, a hotel in Ipswich but I am not saying which one. We do not want confetti and balloons all over the place at our age."

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