Tributes paid to inspirational Ipswich teenager Harrison Boyd, 13

Harrison can no longer walk as a result of his cancer

Tributes have been paid to Harrison Boyd - Credit: Tanya Boyd

Tributes have been paid to an inspirational teenage boy from Ipswich who has died at the age of 13. 

Harrison Boyd was diagnosed with a nut carcinoma, a rare type of cancer, in February and had been treated at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. 

The teenager had become a viral sensation on the social media platform Tiktok in the weeks leading up to his death as he shared his very personal journey with his followers alongside his mum Tanya Boyd.

Harrison Boyd is currently staying at Ipswich Hospital 

Harrison Boyd stayed at Ipswich Hospital while he was being treated - Credit: Tanya Boyd

Paying tribute to her son, who died on October 6, Miss Boyd said he had achieved so much in his life. 

"I'm so proud of him," she said. "He's touched millions of people's lives across the world."


I’m sorry I couldn’t fit everyone in.. 💙🙏🏻💙 ##harrisonsarmy @tantan_harrisonsarmy

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She said she had been particularly touched by the impact her son had had on social media as he bravely posted about the realities of his condition. 

Harrison with his brother and his mum Tanya

Harrison with his brother and his mum Tanya - Credit: Tanya Boyd

The hashtag #HarrisonsArmy has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks with thousands of messages of support being created for the family as well as song tributes and more. 

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"The whole app has been changed and brought together in the name of my boy," said Miss Boyd. 

"I've never seen anything like it."

Harrison Boyd fell ill in February 

Harrison Boyd fell ill in February - Credit: Tanya Boyd

She said that celebrations were being held for her son's life across the world - from Wales to Australia. 

"It's gotten ridiculous," she said. 

Miss Boyd said she had been overwhelmed by the kindness she had received from people during Harrison's illness and passed on her thanks to all those who had supported her family during this difficult time. 

"From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply touched by the support I have had," she said.  

Harrison Boyd is 13 and has terminal cancer

Harrison, 13, from Ipswich, went viral on TikTok with #HarrisonsArmy - Credit: Tanya Boyd

"Through the whole of his journey to when Harrison has gone people have supported me and still support me.

"The love being shown is immense."

A service is being held for Harrison at the Weeley Crematorium in Clacton on October 29. 

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