Paramedic told to muzzle dog after bite

A dog owner has been told to muzzle his German shepherd or risk having it put down.

IPSWICH: A dog owner has been told to muzzle his German shepherd or risk having it put down.

Paramedic Michael Carter treated jogger Roland Vincent at his Levington home after the dog leapt on him last September.

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court heard how Mr Vincent was running along the old A45, in training for the London Marathon, when he approached Carter's house and saw German shepherd Sasha snarling at him.

Carter, 37, admitted not keeping his dog under proper control and told magistrates he had since invested in muzzles for the dog, which he said had never previously been off the lead.

Prosecutor Gareth Davies said Mr Vincent had covered around three miles of his run before passing the Carter home on September 10, where he saw the dog standing on the driveway.

Mr Davies said: “The dog was barking in an aggressive manner but Mr Vincent knew from experience that the best thing to do was to stop. The dog nevertheless ran towards him barking and snarling.”

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Carter, who had just arrived home and was looking under the bonnet of his car when the dog came from the back garden to greet him, attempted to call it back but was unable to stop it from biting Mr Vincent on his upper right thigh.

The dog briefly let go but took a second bite on the same spot before obeying Carter's shouts of “leave, leave”.

According to Mr Davies, Carter was very apologetic and treated Mr Vincent's wounds before his partner drove the injured jogger to hospital, where he was inoculated and prescribed a course of antibiotics.

In court, Carter apologised, adding: “Two days afterwards, we went to our local vet in Trimley for advice and to find out why she might have done it. Upon their recommendation, we have purchased muzzles, which she wears even when confined to the security of the garden.”

Carter was told it was in his own interest to keep the dog under control or risk facing an application for its destruction. He was issued a control order and told to pay �85 in court costs.

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