Paula's father makes emotional appeal

PAULA Clennell's desperate father today urged his missing daughter to get in touch.As detectives investigating the murder of three prostitutes in Ipswich appealed for Paula to let them know she is OK, Brian Clennell begged Paula to contact her family.

A CLOSE friend of prostitute Paula Clennell refused to accept she may be dead after hearing the naked bodies of two women had been found.

The 51-year-old man, who lives with the missing 24-year-old in Elliott Street, Ipswich, is clinging to the belief that she is far too “streetwise” to have been lured to her death.

Speaking after the find, he said: “She is so resourceful and I think it would be hard for someone to crack her but I have to say, it's not looking good.

“She's very streetwise, sharp as a razor and quick as a whippet. I can't imagine anyone would get the better of her - and I just hope I'm right.”

Miss Clennell, who also spent time at various other addresses in the town, was known to work as a prostitute, primarily in the Handford Road area.

She was known to have many friends and associates - but also many other people who had turned against her.

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The friend said: “She could be likeable but her biggest let down was the drugs - it made her unpredictable.

“She has loads of friends and lots of acquaintances but she had loads of enemies as well. I don't know who would do anything like this though.”

Miss Clennell's desperate father yesterday pleaded for his missing daughter to get in touch.

An emotional Brian Clennell said: “She has a mother who loves her very much and wants her back and her sister and her two nieces and nephew want her back. I love her very much.”

And in a direct message to his daughter, Mr Clennell, from Berwick, said: “Paula, everyone loves you and we want you back.

“There's no repercussions to come from this. Just say you're alive. We want you back safely.”

Mr Clennell described his daughter as a loving girl who he fears simply fell in with the wrong crowd.

He said: “I didn't know Paula was on drugs as heavy as she was. I am shocked and stunned and still numb that she is a prostitute.

“Paula is a loving member of society. (She is) mischievous but she is a wonderful person.

“She was no problem whatsoever. I thought she was making a good life for herself.”

Mr Clennell also appealed for anyone with information about the disappearances or the murders to contact police immediately.

Mr Clennell said: “I must send my heart out to those who've been identified in this horrific campaign.

“This is a really sick case.

“Any lady of the night or the punters come forward and please help arrest this sicko. He needs to be locked up with his own kind.”

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