Peninsula visitor centre for the future

A NEW visitor's centre and renovated viewing area on the Felixstowe peninsula are just some of the facilities to look forward to over the next five years.

A NEW visitor's centre and renovated viewing area on the Felixstowe peninsula are just some of the facilities to look forward to over the next five years.

At a meeting yesterdayten organisations signed an agreement to manage Landguard peninsula in partnership, as part of the Felixstowe and Trimleys Peninsular Futures initiative to regenerate the resort.

The regeneration of the site will see improvements to car parking, increased staffing levels, a foot-ferry berth, and a new cycle route.

As a condition of the multi-million pound project to expand the Port of Felixstowe called the Felixstowe South Reconfiguration, the Port agreed to contribute money toward the Landguard partnership.

The other partners are Suffolk Coastal District Council, Felixstowe Town Council, Suffolk County Council, English Heritage, Felixstowe History & Museum Society, Harwich Haven Authority, Landguard Fort Trust, Natural England and Landguard Conservation Trust.

Mary Neale, Suffolk Coastal's cabinet member for leisure and countryside, said: “The creation of the Landguard partnership is an important step for the peninsula, which attracts over half a million visitors each year, as it is set to ensure that Landguard continues to develop as both a major tourist attraction and a place of significance for local people.

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“The challenge for the partners will be to implement a strategy that balances all of the interests of what is after all quite a small area of the Suffolk Coast.”

Over half of the Landguard peninsula is a site of special scientific interest, which is home to rare plants such as Stinking Goosefoot, and is also a haven for birds. Much of this area is managed as a local nature reserve to help people experience and enjoy the environment.

Landguard peninsula was occupied by the military from the 16th century up until the 1950s. The Fort and earthworks are a big draw for people interested in naval history, military history, and the local heritage of the district.

Ms Neale added: “With long-term financial support from the Port of Felixstowe and contributions from Suffolk Coastal and Suffolk County Council, the Landguard partnership will ensure local authorities, the people of Felixstowe, wildlife experts, history buffs, and major industrial players are able to shape key decisions concerning the future development of the peninsula.

“This will undoubtedly result in a balanced and effective strategy that makes a positive difference to Landguard.”.

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