Pensioners targeted by postal cons

SUFFOLK pensioners are continuing to be targeted by postal frauds.After post cons were highlighted in The Evening Star, more cases of attempted deception have come to light.

SUFFOLK pensioners are continuing to be targeted by postal frauds.

After post cons were highlighted in The Evening Star, more cases of attempted deception have come to light.

In one case an 82-year-old Ipswich woman, who did not want to be named, was told she had won £1.5million.

However, to claim this she would have to send in a "dispensation fee" of £19.95 to a company called Transworld Property Repository.

The Royal Mail insists there is little they can do as they have a legal obligation to deliver letters that are correctly addressed and stamped. However, they add that anyone unhappy about the content of mail received should contact the Royal Mail Customer Services Department on 08457 740 740.

Over the last month The Evening Star has highlighted the problem.

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On Saturday, June 7, we revealed Ipswich pensioners were falling victim to a scam promising they could turn £87 into tens of thousands of pounds.

Someone claiming to be called David Rhodes is sending readers letters saying he is on his way to becoming a millionaire.

He says you can also become rich if you follow his simple instructions. You are urged to send £10 to an address then photocopy the four-page letter 200 times at a cost of about £87. After you have done this you post one copy of the letter to 200 people randomly selected from the phone book. Within 60 days you should be sent some money and your life is meant to be "transformed forever".

Since we published the article, we have had a further three messages from angry Evening Star readers who have received similar letters.

Shirley Ward, from The Walk, Felixstowe wrote: "My husband, who is 54, got one last week. If I wasn't such a sceptic I think he would have been tempted. However, spending £87 and losing it, I did not want."

And On Friday, May 23, we highlighted the case of Robert Woods, 73, who lost £90 after sending money to a company who told him he had won a cash prize.

Since this story we have received another two letters from angry readers who have been targeted in the same way.

Viv Wilkinson, community services officer for Trading Standards said: "You have got to be very careful when you give your details to anybody. Anything asking for money is a certain sign of a scam."

She believes the David Rhodes con has been going on for a while and added: "It is fraud and people should be aware they are going to part with a lot of money."

The Government is looking at a change in the law to try and stop postal fraud.

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