Pet owner furious over crossbow attack

AN ANGRY cat owner has today blasted the troublemakers who shot her beloved pet with an arrow.

AN ANGRY cat owner has today blasted the troublemakers who shot her beloved pet with an arrow.

Fortunately the three-year-old moggy, Sooty, survived the ordeal but today her owner, Natasha Wright, has warned other cat owners to be on their guard.

Miss Wright, of Canterbury Close, Stoke Park, became concerned for Sooty's welfare when she had not returned all day and night on Sunday, September 21.

When the cat eventually limped in at 7am the following morning, Miss Wright noticed an arrow through the top part of her leg.

Miss Wright, 20, said: “I was worried because she never normally stays out all night. I knew something bad had happened.

“When she came in through the window and I saw the arrow, I started panicking and crying.

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“I took her to the vets and they put staples in but she was so distressed that she ripped the staples out later. She has recovered well now but kept hiding under the bed for a few days afterwards.

“Luckily it went through the surface of her skin and avoided all the major organs. I'm so grateful she is ok but I want to make sure the person who did this is caught.”

It is believed the cat was shot close-up. Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack and urge anyone who may have seen anything suspicious between 7am on September 21 and 7am on September 22 to come forward.

Miss Wright said: “It could have happened to anyone or any other animals. There is a lot of wildlife around here so I dread to think of this happening to them.

“This was very dangerous and I think it is disgusting.”

Anyone who knows anything about this incident is asked to call Pc Alison Denbon at the Ipswich Neighbourhood Response Team on 01473 613500 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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