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WHAT'S in store for Ipswich in 2008? Will the Blues ever win away? Will Snoasis get the go-ahead? JAMES MARSTON speaks to a medium who says she there's one thing the Tractor Boys need to do.

WHAT'S in store for Ipswich in 2008? Will the Blues ever win away? Will Snoasis get the go-ahead?

JAMES MARSTON speaks to a medium who says she there's one thing the Tractor Boys need to do.

It's almost as if there is a strange curse on Ipswich Town when playing away from Portman Road at the moment.

But the Tractor Boys will start to win again, if players take home a piece of turf from the pitch - according to Ipswich medium Sue Knock.

Her intriguing prediction comes after the football club has had an eventful 2007. Millions have been poured into the club by camera-shy Marcus Evans but winning away from the home ground continues to elude the Tractor Boys this season.

The championship league tables show the facts in stark relief. Ipswich is at the top of the home league table but languishing at number 24, at the bottom of the away league table, Ipswich falls beneath rivals Norwich City and Colchester United. To fulfil the dreams of moving up to the premiership the boys in blue are going to have to find success and soon.

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But how can Ipswich Town break out of this impasse? Perhaps it's time for some unorthodox measures.

And that's where Ipswich-based psychic Sue Knock has agreed to help.

A woman with a direct link to the other side, Sue has channelled a little bit of advice that could make all the difference.

We asked the medium three questions:

What can the players do to ensure an away win?

What can the fans do to help?

What does 2008 hold for ITFC?

As she sips a cup of tea, Sue takes a moment of quiet to tune into her psychic powers and then she is ready.

Sue said: “Home games aren't a problem, it's playing away that there's a difficulty. The players have to take a little bit of home turf with them, something from the ground, to bring them good luck.

“The footballers are doing their best and they really want to win but the punters are moaning and groaning too much. They need to lift the team and get rid of its negative energy. The players need to be told by the punters “We know you can do it”.”

Sue, a psychic for nearly 30 years, said the supporters should sing a new football chant before away games.

She said: “They should sing “We Are The Champions” before the match. They haven't got so much confidence away.”

Sue predicts 2008 will be a good year for the team. She said: “This new investor wants the team to win and he wouldn't have invested if he didn't see a clear glimmer of success. I feel if the players are able to leave behind their problems and stop worrying about what people expect them to do, and do what they can do, they will do well.

“Jim Magilton is the best boss. They won't get a better manager. They need a bit more confidence and must not drink two days before a match and find time to sit and unwind beforehand as well.”

It is not just football that Sue has the inside track on. She has a few other predictions for the town and people of Ipswich - some good some not so good.

As she warms to her subject, the medium states she is a receiver rather like a radio aerial to the spirit world. She is tuned in and the predictions come thick and fast.

Sue said: “In November we were on red alert for the floods. It very nearly happened. I think the Waterfront has to sort out the flooding threat.”

“Will the Waterfront flood in 2008?” I ask Sue.

She replied: “More yes than no. The weather will be even more unpredictable this coming year.”

Quickly Sue moves on to a further topic and this time she singles out Civic Drive.

She said: “I feel there will be a lot of activity in the Civic Drive area of the town. That area will become the town centre of the future not necessarily in 2008 though. I see shops and hotels and more flats around there.”

One of the major decisions to affect the town and surrounding area in recent years, the government is due to announce a decision on the controversial Snoasis development. Sue predicts the project will get the go ahead.

She said: “Snoasis will go through and it is going to bring with it lots of opportunities. There will be lots of employment opportunities and we need it here in Ipswich.

“Snoasis will put us on the map and turn Ipswich into a city. Tourism will really explode.”

Changing her tack somewhat, Sue shocks with a prediction of a train crash in France.

She added: “Unfortunately I feel it will be a serious crash.”

With her energies focused back on Ipswich, Sue predicts some industrial unrest. The medium suggests that strikes are also among the problems that may face Ipswich in 2008.

Sue added: “There may be strikes around transport either the postal service or buses.”

But that's not all. Anti-social behaviour - a hot political topic - is also under the psychic's spotlight.

Sue said: “I also feel that the authorities will bring in new measures to deal with yobs and the problems of drinking on the streets. There will be new tougher laws and everyone will work together to stop groups and gangs.

“People will have to be more social in their drinking and a bit more disciplined. It will begin to be unacceptable to be drunk and pubs will have to do their bit as well.”

In the Ipswich economy, the news is not so good.

Sue said: “The retail trade will take a down turn and money will be much scarcer. More people will be cutting back. Vegetables will be more expensive and I can see food going up in price. People will cut back on their trips to the theatre and going out.

“We will have to start cutting our cloth according to our means, it will be like going back to the 1950s. Things will be a struggle.

“Electricity and gas prices will come down in price but petrol will be more expensive.”

The all important housing market will not be quite so buoyant according to the psychic.

Sue said: “House sales will grind to a halt. Prices are too high and people can't afford to buy a house.”

Sue then makes a final interesting prediction: “I think more people will return to the church.”

Should Ipswich Town take some turf with them when they play away?

Will Snoasis be good for the town? What would you like to see happen in 2008? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or e-mail

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Disciplines including water divining, astrology, numerology, and fortune telling, along with many other forms of divination, have been used for centuries or even millennia to predict or attempt to predict the future

The existence of Neptune was predicted through mathematical modelling based on Sir Isaac Newton's Law of gravity.

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In the 1800s, Joseph Smith claimed to have translated golden plates through divine inspiration from Jesus, thereby producing the Book of Mormon.

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