Police chief shocked at traffic figures

MORE than 1500 traffic offences have been committed on Suffolk's roads in just two months.

MORE than 1500 traffic offences have been committed on Suffolk's roads in just two months.

Suffolk police's deputy chief constable, Jacqui Cheer said the figures were shocking.

The statistics show that 1515 offences ranging from not wearing a seatbelt to using a mobile phone while behind the wheel were committed on the county's roads from September 1 to October 21.

Last month The Evening Star's launched its Save A Life campaign, run in conjunction with Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Police, which was set up to help reduce casualties on the county's roads.

Dep Chf Cons Cheer said: “Worryingly, the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads in Suffolk is at a higher level than it was last year.

“Latest figures show that between 1st January and 24th October 2008, there were 318 people killed or seriously injured (KSI) on Suffolk's roads.

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“In the same period in 2007, there were 240 people killed or seriously injured. This is 78 more KSI casualties (an increase of 32.5%) in 2008 compared to 2007.”

During the campaign 893 people have been caught without a seatbelt, 209 drivers used their mobile phones and 413 motorists were caught speeding.

Another 276 fixed penalty notices have also been issued for other motoring offences, such as vehicle defects.

Dep Chf Cons Cheer said: “Each and every person committing a traffic offence could end up being a statistic. We hope this campaign will save lives by changing people's behaviour. I can't emphasise how important it is for everyone to drive according to the law; this is for your safety and the safety of others.”

The campaign is being supported by increased enforcement by Suffolk Safecam and on occasions officers are using speed cameras in unmarked vehicles in order to detect speeding motorists.

The campaign has also lead to the arrests of nine people for other offences unrelated to driving.

Motorists are also being urged to take extra care with the onset of winter with the turning back of the clocks and the cold weather leading to more collisions on the county roads.