Police forced into taking second jobs

DOZENS of coppers feeling the pinch of the recession are taking on second jobs, it can be revealed today.

DOZENS of coppers feeling the pinch of the recession are taking on second jobs, it can be revealed today.

More than 100 Suffolk police officers are supplementing their force salaries with part-time incomes, new figures confirm.

Secondary jobs registered include artists, decorators, models, musicians, swimming instructors and even a toastmaster.

The county's police federation, which represents rank and file officers, claims the economic crisis has fuelled the numbers seeking extra cash.

Angela Mercer, federation joint branch board secretary, said: “Due to the world's economical crisis, police officers are also feeling the economic pinch like other people.

“It shows that Suffolk Constabulary has embraced work/life balance and understands the issues my members are facing.

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“Currently while things are difficult we are no different to other families struggling with paying their bills.”

Only 23 officers within the constabulary registered as having second jobs in 2007 - a 12 per cent rise compared with 2006.

However, as of April this year, 113 officers were undertaking secondary employment.

Mrs Mercer said: “An increase in officers having second jobs is not surprising.

“There is such a wide variation of jobs it is difficult for me to be more specific but clearly some are lifestyle choices, for example teaching or coaching, and others are businesses to supplement their salaries.”

The figures can be published following an Evening Star freedom of information request.

There are currently around 1,350 officers within Suffolk police, meaning nearly one in every 12 currently enjoys an additional income. They can only take on the work if a chief officer agrees.

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