Police will be in pubs and clubs this weekend to warn about deadly ‘Superman’ ecstasy pills

The 'Superman' Ecstasy pill which has been linked to three deaths in Suffolk.

The 'Superman' Ecstasy pill which has been linked to three deaths in Suffolk. - Credit: NFI 2014

Police will be working with pubs and clubs this weekend to warn about the dangers of a rogue batch of ecstasy after the deaths of three men in Suffolk.

A red triangle-shaped pill with a ‘Superman’ logo has been found to contain the highly toxic ingredient PMMA.

Police believe the deaths of Justas Ropas, 22, in Bramford Lane, Ipswich, on Christmas Eve, and Gediminas Kulokas, 24, in Provan Court, Ipswich, on New Year’s Day, are connected with the ecstasy.

However, they have yet to establish if the same drug was responsible for the death of John Hocking, 20, in Chestnut Close, Rendlesham, on New Year’s Day.

Officers in West Mercia are also investigating a possible link to the ecstasy and the death of a 27-year-old man in Ketley, Telford.

Superintendent Louisa Pepper said: “Our number one priority is to prevent other people suffering the tragic consequences of this dangerous drug.

“Over the weekend we will be talking to people who are in the bars and clubs in Ipswich to advise them of the danger. We’ll also be out and about in the local communities, handing out leaflets and making sure that as many people as possible know not to take these pills.

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“We successfully seized a large quantity of drugs but there may still be some out there so if you do come across them please don’t take them, and if possible hand them over to us.”

More than 400 red triangle shaped pills with a ‘Superman’ logo were discovered near the Norwich Road, Ipswich, last Sunday.

PMMA is a dangerous chemical which is now being used to make ecstasy, rather than another substance MDMA.

Oscar D’Agnone, Medical Director for health and social care charity CRI, said: “It is clear that this drug is highly dangerous and we urge anyone in possession of it to hand it in to either the local police or the Suffolk Recovery Service in Ipswich so that it can be disposed of and taken out of circulation.”

Anyone possessing the ‘Superman’ pill is asked to surrender it to police or to CRI, in St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich, the MVA Team, 70 - 74 St Helen’s Street, Ipswich, or the fire station in Princes Street, Ipswich.

If you can help the police inquiry telephone 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

A 19-year-old man Adrian Lubecki, of St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich, is to appear before Ipswich Crown Court later this month on Class A drug charges.