Poll: Ipswich goes to the polls to elect new county council representatives

The polls are now open

The polls are now open - Credit: Archant

IPSWICH will today decide who will represent the town on the county council for the next four years.

The polls opened at 7am this morning at community centres, halls and schools across the town and will close at 10pm tonight.

There are 10 divisions in Ipswich and 13 seats up for grabs.

In 2009 Labour won four of the seats in Ipswich, the Liberal Democrats three and the Conservatives the remaining six.

But in 2005 the Tories won just one seat in town in the county council elections, although they still held overall control of the county.

Results are usually counted from around 11pm on the night of an election but this year the count will not start until 9am tomorrow morning.

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