Poll: Is this a sign of the future for Felixstowe?

SEA, sunshine, sand, ships, seagulls and seaside “shallies” – proposals for a new town sign for Felixstowe have all the resort’s key elements.

But it is by no means certain that the sign will be put up, with some councillors concerned that in a time of recession spending funds on the project would not find favour with the public.

The design was put together from a range of drawings after schoolchildren were asked to draw a new sign for the town.

Around 70 youngsters from three schools came up with ideas for a sign to incorporate the old clock which used to top the toilet block on The Triangle, Hamilton Road, before the lavatories were demolished.

Town and district councillor Doreen Savage said four of the best drawings had been amalgamated into the main design by an officer at Suffolk Coastal.

“I have been asked many times by residents why Felixstowe does not have a town sign and now we have a design – one which covers many aspects of the town – and we need to decide what to do next,” she said.

“Yes, we will probably need a new clock because the old one will be too big to fit into a sign of this type and there is a desperate need for a clock in the town centre.

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“But we need to make a decision – at the moment it keeps yo-yoing backwards and forwards between the town council and Felixstowe Futures.”

Some councillors felt the sign would have to be very tall to avoid the attention of vandals, and were unsure whether it could be found a suitable site on The Triangle.

It was decided more investigations and costs were needed.

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