Psychic Sue’s supporting Ghana

IPSWICH: Legendary footballer Pel� once famously predicted that an African team would lift the World Cup by the turn of the century.

Now an Ipswich psychic thinks the Brazilian soccer star’s prediction may have been a decade premature.

Back in January, clairvoyant Sue Knock told The Evening Star she forecast a Ghanaian success at this year’s tournament – and there’s still a chance of her improbable prediction coming true as the Black Stars play for a place in the semi-finals tonight.

So far, Sue’s New Year prophecies have been proven accurate, correctly foretelling a coalition government, a Green MP in parliament and a volcanic eruption. In fact, the only prediction she made which has yet to come true is that an African team would perform better than expected at the World Cup.

Sue was unable to single out an eventual winner but was certain that Ghana would progress further than any other African nation. And her psychic skills have grabbed the attention of some pretty powerful football fans over in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

“It wasn’t long before people heard about my prediction and since then a presidential candidate has been in touch with me,” said Sue. “The pundits on television would curl up in laughter at the thought of Ghana winning the World Cup but I think they have surprised a few people.”

Sue is also in touch with an aide to the current vice president and has even passed on some team tactics, advising them to be well disciplined and not drink any alcohol.

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“I just couldn’t get Ghana out of my mind when I was asked to predict who would win the trophy,” she said.