Reader pictures spark debate over Ipswich town centre parking rules


A simple question of who is in charge of ensuring parking restrictions are enforced in Ipswich town centre doesn’t seem to have a simple answer.

A reader contacted the Ipswich Star after spotting a number of seemingly illegally parked cars in pedestrian zones in the town, including St. Stephen’s Lane, Princes Street outside Waitrose and under the Lloyds Avenue arch.

The reader added: “What is the point of the town trying to smarten up its image when this is what people who visit Ipswich see?”

Suffolk County Council said civil parking enforcement was for Ipswich Borough Council to impose, but in the town centre designated pedestrian zones and restricted access should be enforced by the police.

However, in St Stephen’s Lane, a county council spokesman said some cars park on private land, which cannot be enforced.

The spokesman added: “We are working with the landowners to look at correct restrictions and erect appropriate signs.”

Suffolk Constabulary said it could only deal with vehicles that were causing an obstruction, but in some respects cars had permission to park in pedestrian zones - such as loading on a market day or tradespeople dropping off tools and equipment.

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Ipswich Bough Council said it could only enforce parking where it was legal to do so, and it was waiting for signage to be put up by the county council in St Stephen’s Lane and for parking restrictions to be implemented in Butter Market.