Restless night for evacuees

IT was a restless night for those evacuated from their homes.

IT was a restless night for those evacuated from their homes.

Sleeping on airbeds and gym mats, with sleeping bags and blankets for warmth, in unfamiliar surroundings and worrying about their homes, most found it difficult to sleep.

Maureen Hussey, of Sea Road, said: “I haven't slept a wink all night. We've been sitting up watching Titanic, though I am not sure a disaster movie was the best entertainment at this time! I suppose later on we will find out if we have got houses to go back to.

“It was the right decision to

evacuate, though, because it is a really big bomb and you cannot be too careful about these things.”

Michael Briggs, of Russell Road, said: “The people here looking after us have been superb, the WRVS volunteers especially. It's not been an easy night, but I think people have coped very well. One man got up at 4am and they gave him breakfast and he went off to work.”

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Richard Slater, 34, of Cavendish Road, said: “I have had a good night, though a bit restless at times. I will be glad to get back home, though.”

Gary Hancock, 64, of Cavendish Road, said: “I woke up every now and again, it was not an easy night, not very comfortable. The people here have been lovely and really looked after us. Now we just have to wait and see what happens.”

Police and council officials said 62 people had checked in to Brackenbury Sports Centre in High Road East, Old Felixstowe, with the vast majority having found accommodation with family and friends. A police spokesman said: “Some people also checked in at hotels, but we believe very few - if any - stayed in their homes. Everyone seemed happy to heed the advice and leave the area.”

Suffolk Coastal and Suffolk County Council officials co-ordinated the evacuation centre as part of the emergency plan. Members of the WRVS provided food and drink. People from the community also lent a hand - bringing food, a TV, videos and other items.

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