Review: Erasure, Ipswich Regent, February 14

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure. Picture: DORON GILD

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure. Picture: DORON GILD - Credit: Archant

Having seen Erasure a number of times before, including their last concert here over 10 years ago, I knew not to have any expectations as they manage to surprise every time.

The support band Bright Light Bright Light were really good, if you like 80’s synthesiser music (which anyone who likes Erasure should do) then you would enjoy listening to them.

They started with Oh L’amour which was fitting for a Valentine’s Day concert, they had great energy that flowed through to the audience who were on their feet the whole time (me included), the oldies like Sometimes, Drama and A Little Respect were received extremely well.

Even though they were on stage for about an hour and a half, it felt like it was only about ten minutes.

I first saw them live when I was 16, and somehow they managed to take me back there, as they always do.

The last time I saw Andy Bell I was singing to him (along with a couple of hundred other people from Funky Voices) which is something I never thought would ever happen.

Andy and the rest of the band are very normal people, when I saw them in York Andy stood on stage and invited the audience to meet them ‘at a gay bar round the corner’.

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One thing I would love to know is when are they coming back to Ipswich?

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