Rock legend Lemmy packed Ipswich Regent with Motorhead

Lemmy at the Ipswich Regent in 2008

Lemmy at the Ipswich Regent in 2008

The death of Motorhead frontman Lemmy will be keenly felt by his East Anglian fans who regularly packed Ipswich Regent to see the band in action.

Motorhead headlined gigs at the venue in 1980, 2005, 2006, and 2008 – bringing their hard-rocking (and ear-bleeding) sound to the region’s fans.

Lemmy died in Los Angeles on Monday at the age of 70 – just two days after being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer.

The singer’s lifestyle was as hard as his music. At one stage he was rumoured to down a bottle of Jack Daniels Bourbon every day.

Born Ian Kilmister in Stoke-on-Trent on Christmas Eve 1945 to a father who was an RAF pastor, and mother who was a librarian, Lemmy later became a roadie for Jimi Hendrix.

After playing with Hawkwind in the early 1970s, he formed Motorhead after being sacked from that band – and they had their first hit single in 1980 with Ace of Spades.

Although they never had another single that reached as high in the charts, the band built up a dedicated following and continued touring for decades.

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Their shows at the Regent always attracted a large audience.

Many of their fans will want to comply with the wishes of the band as expressed by their management following the death of Lemmy – by putting on their music and turning the volume up to high!