Royal wedding: It’s going to be a day Suffolk remembers

Suffolk is already buzzing with wedding fever excitement ahead of tomorrow’s Royal wedding.

Preparations are well under way for hundreds of street parties, barbecues, family gatherings and public viewings - celebrations fit for a king and queen.

Suffolk County Council revealed last week it had received 30 applications for road-closure permission to ensure street parties could be uninterrupted.

And several couples will also be getting married on the same day as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

There will be nine weddings in Suffolk tomorrow and the head registrar, Jane Parker, said she thought the soon-to-weds would be just as excited as the prince and his pending princess.

“While many of us will be thinking about the Royal couple, Friday is not just about them,” she said.

Although the ceremonies of our county couples are unlikely to be as grand as the one at Westminster Abbey, they will be just as special.

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As featured in The Evening Star in February, Ipswich couple Sam Wood and Danny Page are getting married on a tight budget and the former even bought her wedding dress on eBay.

But there is one feature Ms Wood believes she and Ms Middleton may have in common. She said: “We chose Royal blue for the bridesmaid’s dresses and I presume they will too.”

One person who will not be here to enjoy county celebrations is Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk Timothy Tollemache – because he will be at the Royal wedding.

He said: “I am very, very excited. I think it will be a wonderful day. William and Kate are a remarkable couple and I think their marriage can only be a long and happy one.”

He added: “There is so much going on in Suffolk, I think it will be a lovely day here. People have really embraced the wedding.”

For those also planning to celebrate in London, National Express East Anglia has announced it will be running a Saturday frequency of service tomorrow.

In addition, more seats will be provided on trains going into the capital, with some lengthened from four to eight carriages.

But one person who will be here raising a glass to Prince William and Kate Middleton is MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich Dan Poulter – and he is “delighted” for the Royal couple.

He said: “I will be in Framlingham enjoying a street party with my constituents. I think people in Suffolk are very excited about the big day.”

Jane Basham, chief executive of Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, echoed Dr Poulter’s sentiments.

“It is a great opportunity for people to come together to celebrate, if they can take the time off,” she said. “And like any young couple heading off into the future together, we wish Prince William and Kate Middleton happiness and all the best.”