Rushmere St Andrew: Owner heartbroken by mystery death of dog

A DOG owner is today calling for action after his beloved pet pooch was apparently poisoned on Rushmere Common.

Roland Warner, of Dover Road, believes his 12-year-old Jack Russell, Button, ate slug pellets while being walked last November.

The 77-year-old said: “I had her right from a puppy and her death broke my heart.

“I was out walking her over at The Sandlings on Rushmere Common, got home and within an hour-and-a-half she was dead.

“I called the vet and told him what happened and he straightaway asked if she had eaten anything which she had found over the common.”

Last November The Star reported Provan Court resident Lucy Smy’s miniature schnauzer, Mavis, was put down after eating slug pellets.

Suffolk Coastal District Council put up posters around the area after it was reported five dogs fell ill when they ate slug pellets while being walked on the Common.

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Mr Warner, who now has another Jack Russell, Muffin, added: “It’s terrible. You’re talking about people’s pets here. The people responsible don’t realise how upset people get.

“It’s made me a bit paranoid to take my new dog out for a walk.”

A Suffolk police spokesman confirmed no arrests have been made in relation to the poisoning.

Anyone with information should call PCSO Sarbutts on 101 or Suffolk Coastal countryside officer Peter Ross on 01394 444619.

n Has your dog ever been poisoned? Call newsdesk on 01473 324790 or you can send an e-mail to

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