Russian school on the cards for Ipswich

IPSWICH could soon have its own Russian school after volunteers formed a charity seeking funding for the idea.

IPSWICH could soon have its own Russian school after volunteers formed a charity seeking funding for the idea.

Trustees Vladimir Filimonov and Anvar Valiyev are hoping to have the school running from the CSV Media Clubhouse in Princes Street by the start of September.

They are looking for volunteer teachers to take classes on Sundays.

Mr Valiyev, who arrived in Ipswich around six years ago, said: “We have been thinking about it since we arrived in this area.

“It's for the whole Russian speaking community, including people from new EU countries like Estonia and Latvia.

“We think it will help bring the Russian community together.”

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Initial plans are for the school and a women's club and it is hoped other support services will be added.

Mr Valiyev said: “Eventually we will be trying to acquire our own building but initially we will be based at the CSV Media Clubhouse.

“We identified that in mixed families either kids who are born here or are brought here at a very young age, Russian education stopped at that point and they started learning English.

“The Russian community is quite dispersed. It is hard to estimate how many Russian speakers are here because they are people from different countries but they all speak Russian.”

The charity they have formed, the East Anglian Russian Cultural Society, will aim to keep the Russian language alive within communities with people of Russian and USSR heritage in the area and even encourage people with no background in speaking Russian to learn the language.

Mr Valiyev said: “One of our objectives is integration between the cultures so they all understand each other. The more languages a person knows the better.”

Any Russian speakers willing to volunteer to teach classes on Sundays should contact Galina Oya, who will run the school, on 01473 438991 or 07920883429. Alternatively e-mail

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