Unsupervised learner driver crashed into three parked cars in Ipswich

The crash happened in Mildmay Road, Ipswich
Picture: ARCHANT

The crash happened in Mildmay Road, Ipswich Picture: ARCHANT

An unsupervised learner driver lost control of his uninsured car and crashed into three parked vehicles on an Ipswich street.

Ryan Sesto was travelling unaccompanied and too fast along Mildmay Road when the collision happened late at night on October 6 last year.

The 19-year-old was fined and slapped with seven penalty points on his recently obtained driving licence at Suffolk Magistrates’ Court, in Ipswich, on Friday morning.

Sesto, of Drake Avenue, pleaded guilty to driving his newly bought secondhand Ford Fiesta without due care and attention, otherwise in accordance with his provisional licence and without any third party insurance in place at the time of the collision.

The crash happened at about 11.40pm and less than a mile away from Sesto’s home address, near Nacton Road.

The court heard how Sesto tried to negotiate a bend in the road too fast and collided with three parked cars.

The collision caused damage to a Volkswagen Golf, Honda Jazz and Peugeot 406.

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Prosecutor Alex Morrison told magistrates Sesto had lost control of his car.

“The driver was unsupervised and not displaying learner plates,” he added.

“There was no insurance covering the vehicle.

“He has since passed his test, but as a new driver, this conviction will have its consequences.”

Under new driver provisions, anyone who receives six or more penalty points within two years of passing their test will have their licence revoked and be required to reapply.

Sesto told the court he had recently bought the car and was moving it from his father’s to his girlfriend’s address.

“I was just taking it from A to B,” he said.

“I must have come round the corner too fast.”

Magistrates told Sesto he had not made a great start to his driving career.

The bench imposed seven penalty points and a £250 fine for driving without due care and attention.

Sesto was fined £150 and his licence endorsed for driving without insurance.

He was fined another £50 and his licence endorsed for driving otherwise in accordance with a provisional licence.

He must also pay £100 in costs.

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