Say get well soon to young Beth

A GET well message could be the difference between and smile and more misery for ill Ipswich youngster Bethany Woods.

A GET well message could be the difference between and smile and more misery for ill Ipswich youngster Bethany Woods.

The five-year-old, who has muscular dystrophy, is today back in hospital after a lung infection knocked back her latest attempt at good health.

The Evening Star reported last month how Bethany was fighting fit after a new respiratory machine discovered on the internet was helping to keep her lungs clear.

But a cruel twist has put her back in Ipswich Hospital.

She contracted a lung infection in her weak left lung and has spent four weeks poorly in hospital.

Now, her parents Treena and Kevin, and brother Ryan, are asking friends and strangers to help cheer her up by writing messages of goodwill.

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The Evening Star wants Bethany and her family to be bombarded with e-mails and letters offering support, to put a smile on the ill youngster's face.

Mrs Woods said: “It means so much to her to pick up a note and hear from someone saying 'hello' and wishing her well. My husband prints of e-mails sent to her and she really enjoys reading them.

“Right, now, we would appreciate anything that would make her feel better, and I really think hearing from other people would, particularly other children.

“She would love to hear from school friends, people who have read about her story in the paper or anyone that's visited her website.

“She's not too bad in herself, but she is still struggling health wise.

“She's having physiotherapy three or four times a day to try to help her keep coughing, so the secretions don't stay on the lung and put it under pressure of collapse.”

Bethany, of Cecil Road, was admitted to hospital on March 25.

She was diagnosed with a bacterial infection, which needed treatment to be given intravenously. Because her veins are so small, it caused her a lot of trauma.

A line was put in her groin which meant she was not able to sit upright for several days.

Grandmother Janet Nunn said: “She has been in hospital nearly four weeks now which is hard on the family, especially Treena who spends 24/7 with Bethany unless the staff from the East Anglian Children's Hospice come and look after her for a couple of hours.

“She is getting better and has spent some time in the school room and play room.”

N Do you have a message of support for Bethany? E-mail, or write to The Bethany Tayla Woods Fund, 13 Partridge Road, Ipswich,

AFTER Bethany was born in August 2001 doctors noticed she looked floppy and was not moving like a healthy baby should.

She was diagnosed with the merosin negative form of congenital muscular dystrophy - a condition which means she has poor muscle tone and could never crawl or stand.

Her muscles are too rigid for her to walk, and she gets around using a wheelchair.

Bethany also has difficulties breathing and respiratory infections are commonplace with the condition. Even a slight cold can lead to major complications including life-threatening pneumonia.

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